AWO File - how to use it?

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I am trying to download to AWO from elearning brothers file but how do we use it as AWT file.



  • jholland
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    Library Objects are added to your AWT title within Lectora. If you have a downloaded AWO object on your computer, you can add it to your title within Lectora with these steps:

    1. Click or hover-over the My Library side-tab to open it.

    2. Click Add File. The Add media to Media Library window opens.

    3. Navigate and select the file. Hold down your Ctrl key to select multiple objects.

    4. Click Open.

    The object is copied to the My Library section. You can then add it to your title where you want it to appear.
  • LisaB2022
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    I have tried to use these instructions to upload these Lectora files:

    from my laptop (see pic)

    However I am unable to see them in the folder

    Any suggetsion?
  • leapinglizard
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    Make sure you select the Library Objects folder first before selecting Add Files and then the .awo file should appear.