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Hi there - I tried to do an export from Lectora and our translation department attempted to pull it into their translate software but received an error upon the import. Wondering if anyone knows or recognizes these error or the cause.




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    Here are a few suggestions based on the warning messages your translation software has displayed. You can make these changes to the XLF file in a text editor before opening in your translation software:

    1. The warning trgLang="REPLACE-ME" is showing the field in the file where you specify the target language to translate to. Replace the "REPLACE-ME" with the language you are targeting, for example, "fr" for French, "sp" for Spanish. You can also be more specific of which Spanish or which French to use with the more precise codes, for example, "fr" is French in France while "fr-ca" is French spoken in the two provinces of Canada.
    2. The warning about the code "en" being replaced by "en-US" is to be more specific of which English the source file contains. There can be differences in some translation tools between American English vs. for example, "en-gb" for English in the United Kingdom. You can update this value in the file if you want to be more specific to the version of English your Lectora course uses.
    3. For the warning about your translation software supporting Xliff version 2.0, you should check with the translation software vendor to see if this warning will impact their software's ability to translate the phrases properly.

    Here is one list of the different language setting codes: https://www.andiamo.co.uk/resources/iso-language-codes/

    There might also be the means to configure your translation software with these values ahead of time that would over ride the elements in the XLF file, but I am not familiar with the software you show in your post.