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1. I have a certificate in JPG format.
2. I have to edit the template, and write names of participants who attended the training.
3. I do not have photoshop or any other software.
4. I tried OCR website too, however, the logo and background image goes away.
5. Any solution?


  • cainam
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    What I have done in the past (so that I could put this job in the hands of the trainers for a specific course) was to create a 2 page lectora module to handle this for me and then publish the module to somewhere the trainer for the course could access and complete the certificate on their own (or of course you could use it yourself).

    I may not understand the scenario exactly, but if you can you use the certificate without any names, and then just add the names separately with entry fields, that might be a good option? Here's a quick example:
    - Adam Cain
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    Hey, @mmalhotra-9265 perhaps this refresher from a past discussion on variables and Certificates might trigger some ideas?


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  • mmalhotra-9265
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    Adam - What if I have been given a template (sample as attached).

    Not sure how to use the given template to edit names and course name.

    Thank you
  • cainam
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    Sure, you could use this as a background image. Just edit this photo in whatever photo editing tool you want, and essentially color over (or cut out) the content you don't want, and then use your own text fields to populate the user name, etc.
    - Adam Cain
  • mmalhotra-9265
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    This helps Adam. Thank you.

    Once certificate is ready, you suggest I use snipping tool to get certificate?
    I do not have any other image editing software, thus asking.

  • cainam
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    There are so many tools out there for photo editing - so I would just say whatever you have access to that you prefer. (also, make sure and white out the 'date' text where your date text overlays)
    - Adam Cain
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    I have done a lot of production graphics work using The GIMP. It has all the features of PhotoShop I have ever used (except for 360 photography) and is totally free. The interface is far from perfect, but it's still better than PhotoShop's mess.
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    Adding a white rectangle to an image can be done with (more or less) every graphic-related program, e.g. MS Paint, SnagIt, even MS PowerPoint. Depending on what you want to achieve adding a rectangle or a white Text field in Lectora itself might be sufficient.
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    I wonder if it'd even be worth the effort to go through and get all the elements separated as opposed to having one large image with overlays on it so that it'd be identical to a mini-module page. I don't know the best way to do it as we don't use certificates.
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