"Unable to load texture" when creating a scene from a 360 image

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My colleague rendered a GoPro Fusion image to 2K resolution from the GoPro software, then tried to create a new scene in an existing scenario. She dragged the file to the pseudo-dialog, it uploaded, and Done produced "Unable to load texture" from the CVR area of Amazon S3. (Sorry, we couldn't record the details, a meeting was just starting up that we had to attend.)

Reuploading the image to another new scene produced the same error.

Note that the error never went away no matter how she navigated within the scenario. The only way to dismiss this black popup message display was to close the scenario.

Anyone else ever see this?


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    Was that an image or a video from the Fusion? An image in JPG shouldn't ever have any issues as long as it is equirectangular.

    I haven't worked with the Fusion in a while, but I seem to remember that by default it produced H.265 video, rather than H.264 which is the supported version for Web Browsers. Might want to look at the output for that, or just run it through Handbrake with the CenarioVR preset (described here: https://cenariovr.com/blog-posts/cenariovr-360-video-compression-guidelines.html)
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    This is the message.

    It was a still, not video.

    Seems to be a bug in the GoPro software. The image is not recognized as VR by other packages (like PhotoShop). At the same time, it's a bug in CVR, too, because it should give a useful error like, "This is not an equirectangular 360 image." Posting an incomprehensible reference to a texture and a popup that can never be dismissed is not ideal.