Can you make Lectora 18 NOT the default application for opening files in later versions?

rellis2816 Community Member Posts: 6 ☆ Roadie ☆
As an elearning developer I have to keep Lectora 18 on my PC to use with edits of older projects. This presents a problem in that whenever I try and open a file created in a later version (ie 19 or 21), the only way to open it is from the app itself. Double clicking the file always opens the file in Lectora 18, and even if you choose 'Open With' and navigate through the C drive to the Lectora version of your choice, the file still opens with... Lectora 18!
I know this is an easily solvable problem (open the file from the app) and there are probably bigger things to worry about, but as someone who has spent the last twenty-five years being able to double-click on a file to open it in my application of choice, I find it really annoying.


  • carlfink
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    I reported this when L18 was released, as it happens.