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With all versions of Lectora newer than 18, we have noticed that the button font is not displaying for the end user as it looks in Lectora. Instead, it's switching to a different font for those who don't have that font on their computer (which is everyone except our corporate department). Has anyone found a work around for this? It's cutting off the words within our buttons and the font it's automatically choosing to replace it with one that does not meet our company design standards.


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    You can fix this by including the fonts you are using with your published content.

    Our Customer Success team provided this link:

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    Hi - Here is a link to our article on adding Custom Fonts to a Lectora Desktop title. https://knowledgebase.elearningbrothers.com/custom-fonts-in-lectora-desktop

    Note that more than 1 font file will be needed to support users on different systems and the key is that the font installed on the Windows system is usually a TrueType Font, which installs and shows on the local system, but the title will need the matching woff or other font included to display the font in browsers on other machines. The steps in the article should help you get all the different font files included in the package.