Need help giving the Submit Results button 3 actions? (Pics attached)

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Hi there, we are having to change the content because people will just X out of the entire module instead of clicking on the "Complete Training" button. Because of this I want to delete the last slide and just have them click on the "Submit Results" button. If they score below an 80%, it will take them back to the first slide to view the curriculum again. If they pass with an 80% I want to score the test for completion and close out of the training module. It is not working with what I have set up. It will just exit out of the training module and not give credit. If I remove the Exit/Close action, I click on Submit Results and nothing happens. Can anyone assist?


  • cainam
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    It is hard to tell exactly what your situation is with the image/description. With the image - you want the course to be marked complete if any of the conditions are met?

    Just something to try, instead of attaching all actions to the button where people have to click, can you have the action execute when the page shows? (e.g. mark the course complete when the page is displayed and the condition(s) are met instead of 'on mouse click'?)
    - Adam Cain
  • timk
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    I neither understand the conditions. Many of them can never be true. The button on the page with the results object would usually "Go to: Next page". This action will fire the actions defined in the test properties for "On: Passed" or "On: Failed / Cancelled".

    You could use it;
    On: Passed, go to some page and follow Adams suggestion
    On: Failed, go to page 1.

    There should be no need for any further conditions.