Disabling the question if Correct regardless of Attempts

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Last year I posted a discussion on disabling the question when the learner gets the question correct regardless of how many attempts are set. https://rockstars.elearningbrothers.com/discussion/comment/445130#Comment_445130

There were a couple options to generate the desired effect. Since an attempt is counted when the question is processed you could:
  • Process the question as often as necessary, but that has it's drawbacks as it requires you to manually add actions to exhaust the attempts.
  • Add a variable like "TryCount" and add 1 on Submit, Process Question with 2 conditions (if Correct OR if var TryCount equal (3) for example)
Both of these solutions have problems and extra actions to something that would be ridiculously simple fix by one (or both of these methods):
  • Simplest would be to add the ability to "Disable Question" through an Action (not sure how this would effect point scoring but would open up some creative possibilities for page design)
  • Give the option to be in The Question Creator itself under the Attempts tab, Maximum Attempts Allowed AND/OR on "Correct"

I feel that the Question Creator itself is quite underutilized. For example, with the Multiple Reponses Questions I've been able to accomplish many variants with actions that would simply be great to have them incorporated in a Question Creator:
  • 4 active feedbacks (Correct, Incorrect, Try again and Partial Correct feedback (where it checks if any of the choices selected were/are correct).
  • Enabling the Submit once a set number of choices have been made (and disabling if unchecked below that threshold)
  • Delivering individual feedback specific to the choice selected
These are things that many developers are incorporating with various actions, set variables and some ingenuity, yet need not to if the Question Creator simply let them select-select-done.

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