CSS Class input should not be burried

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Currently, to add a CSS Class to something like a text block, you must select the Properties Tab on the Ribbon, then in the appearance section select the tiny pull-out arrow to open a small prompt with literally one field to enter a CSS class. Needlessly convoluted.

A more accessible way would be to give it a proper spot directly on the ribbon in the Web Options section.

This opens up an even greater advantage as not only can different developers identify an object has a class at a glance, but you could leverage the tiny pull-out arrow to to see a prompt that would indicate how many times this class is being referenced. Way more useful, and in the proper place on the Ribbon. You already have all the data to do this, it's just re-location.

I've mocked up a sample image.

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    Ideally, there should be a GUI to set all these options instead of forcing the developer to type a hard-to-debug text file. Yes, us techies can do it, but surely the point is to make it transparent to non-techies?