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Hi, I am facing issue with the Default test section. That it always giving error message of the object has been deleted and no longer accessible. but everything is fine.
Even i have created new test and transferred all content here. but it is still showing the error.
i am not able to find out what to do with this. and how to fix this. is this a lectora online known bug?

because i have never faced this issue with desktop version.
There are 5 Tests.


  • timk
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    The error message would usually mean that there is an action involved that has no target. Did you activate Feedback or Attempts and maybe forget to define the actions for it?
  • scoggins
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    Hi @vkumar9136
    This error is telling that there is some action in the question that points to or utilizes some object that no longer exists. Check your question Feedback action to see if it is pointing to a target such as a text block, maybe an action group, or other item to show for correct / incorrect answers. If these objects are not available on the page, then this error would show. Other common targets that may not be available after pasting include a modify variable action set to activate on marking an answer checkbox or radio button, but the variable has not yet been created in this course.
    When questions are copied & pasted independent objects will not be included (but text written in the Display Feedback text portion of the question creator will stay with the question).

    The red error is a hyperlink to the question with the issue. Double click on each line to go to the question. Then in the Properties ribbon, click on Feedback.

    If you need further assistance, consider sharing more details here so the community can help, or submit a support case.

  • vkumar9136
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    Thanks for reply.
    I got it. I had made a mistake in Test Behavior, Goto was missing for passed and failed.