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First, I am using the WebVTT captioning format since that is recommended. I thought the captioning used to have a shaded box behind it. Now there is nothing. You can't read the text over any light backgrounds. I tried changing the font color, size, and location at the start of the captioning. I am following the examples using the <span> to set it up, but nothing changes. Is there a way to add a dark box behind the captioning text - that would be ideal? I've uploaded a video to show you what I am talking about.


  • Hello Deb.  On you first issues, any changes you make in a span tag only effects the text in that span tag pair. It is not a file wide setting.  if there is not text betweent the <span> and </span> tag pair, then no changes will be made.

    <span style="text-align:right;"></span>

    Closed caption text line number one.

    This would not apply the text-align command to the text.  The following would:

    <span style="text-align:right;">Closed caption text line number one.</span>

    We are looking at the second issue of the caption background box not displaying.
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    Hi @Deb,

    John asked me to follow up here, the development team is looking into these issues.

    You can add a background color to captions using the following temporary workaround:
    LO Title->On Show-> Run JavaScript
    triv$( &#039;.mejs__captions-text&#039;, getDisplayDocument() ).css("background-color","black");

    - Joe