Actions not acting consistently

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I am adding toggle/play actions to my program. The past couple of days I started having intermittent issues. In my action I select "Keystroke" type in the space bar, select toggle Play/Pause, select my audio file. When I test it, it doesn't work. I go back to the action and key trigger is blank. I will try again and it repeatedly doesn't work. I delete it and start a new action. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Sometimes I have to close the program and come back to it later to get it to work. This is really frustrating. I also have had other actions set up that work on 10 pages, then doesn't work on one. I check everything and there is not reason. I close the program, come back later, and I can set it up and it works fine. Since it is intermittent, it's hard to investigate.


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    deb Community Member Posts: 42 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I was able to record a video of it happening.
  • Hello Deb,

    This behavior is strange.  Their might be a conflict with other actions, as this doesn't happen in a new Title.   I will send you an email and we can work on this offline and then report our findings back to the forum.