Guides Disappear in Copies

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Hi all,

I often create a copy of a course I'm working on either because I'm using it as a template for subsequent lessons or because we post a demo version for the client on Reviewlink and continue working on another version.

The problem is, when I create a copy of an existing course, all my guides disappear in the new copy. I have to go through and create them all over again.

Would it be possible to have all the guides carry over to the newly copied course or have a copy/paste function for guides so that I can carry them over to another course?




  • wheels
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    Hi Donna (@dslinger),

    Guides should be copied over, we will get that fixed. I will also write up your suggestion for copy/paste of guides, great idea!

    - Joe
  • dslinger
    dslinger Community Member Posts: 24
    Excellent! Thanks, Joe