Lectora 17 and SVG material

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I'm a ex-web developer and I discover Lectora.

I have several materials in svg, and I wonder if there is a way to import them and use in lectora like any other material.
I have the impression that no, however the svg format is very common and widespread on the web and can also be manipulated in Jquery etc ...
Maybe my question is naive, however I did not find an explicit answer.

I use Lectora inspire, version 17.1
Thank you so much.


  • timk
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    You can use an "HTML Extension" of the type "Custom Div". This will add a DIV to the published page. Click "Edit" and enter you SVG code.
  • ypee-4135
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    Sorry for the delay.
    Thank you very much for the reply. I hope there is another solution actually :).
    I work in a team, and html extensions poses a "visual problem" in terms of usage in lectora designer for people who are purely graphic.
    Have a good day :)
  • klaatu
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    As a fellow web developer I understand the urge to use SVG. However, as you know, the beauty of svg is being able to use it in code. If you want to use those graphics "visually" simply convert them to png and import like any other image.

    When you have some extra down time I suggest you look into using GreenSock's GSAP with Lectora. As in web development, GSAP will unlock the ability to do anything you'd do in a web page with SVG right in Lectora. This will not be good for your non-programmers but you'll probably like it a lot.
  • mnotermans5114
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    An extra plus of Greensocks GSAP is that now in version 3 SVG manipulation is easy. As seen here possibilities are endless...

    Based on GSAP you could build a animation helper to help non-coders to create GSAP code based animations.. especially with the GSDevtools ( https://greensock.com/gsdevtools/ ) you can build a designer friendly interface for GSAP.

    Kind regards,