Lectora: Exiting title not working.

Lectora product version: v18.2.1

I have a simple button labeled 'Exit Title' and it runs the action: 'Exit/Close'

When I click it, nothing happens but I can see it is executing the actions since I set it to display a message.

I have tried the following:
  1. Turned seamless play off
  2. Turned published course will be presented in a separate window than the LMS to ON
We use an ASPX page where you click a button and it launches a new window (C#) and in that window, is where the lesson sits.

So I'm not sure if THAT is throwing it up, but if it is, I can probably custom close the lesson and just turn it into function calls... If needed, but I will need to know a couple other things:

If I have to make my own custom close button, that calls a function, is there anything special that I SHOULD do before closing a lesson? For example should I do things like




Are these even necessary?
Please advise. Thanks!


  • I changed the code to open up in the same tab, instead of a new window, and the Exit Title action still does nothing. No errors thrown either!
  • After reading several threads:





    It seems this feature no longer functions as expected (correct me if I am wrong) due to new browser security features. In which case I will just do custom coding.
  • timk
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    If I understand the first thread correctly, it is not about opening the course from an LMS. When published to HTML the action wouldn't work properly, exactly as decribed there. But the action does work (normally) when published to Scorm and opened from the LMS in a new window. It depends on the way the window is opened, so it may be related to your setup.

    The action does not only close the window, it also finishes the connection with the LMS. But as Sergey mentions in that first thread, all LMS related function are also run when the window is just closed by clicking the "X". So maybe don't give the users a button or use custom script to close the window. Just keep the "Exit title / Close window" action somewhere.
  • tmichael9734
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    timk said:

    use custom script to close the window. Just keep the "Exit title / Close window" action somewhere.

    @timk can you please provide a custom script to close the window? I'm having the same issue with L21.0.3 and need to force the Exit button to close the title on completion. It works fine on LMS but it doesn't close if published online. Thank you!