Adjustable Closed Caption box

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I find it easy to create an .srt file for closed captioning in Camtasia but when I place it in Lectora for my closed caption file, I'm not impressed with the size or location where the CC text appears on the page and there seems to be no way to adjust it. I would love to see some options for placing and sizing that text box because I personally prefer to display closed captions like videos create them....white text on a dark background along the bottom of the screen in a single line of text. Is that an option now or something that will come in a new release?


  • Hi, if you are comfortable modifying the srt file. I will recommend

    You can adjust the font size and color.  As for the background color of the text block that can be found in the published files trivantis-player.css the selector is .mejs-captions-text change the background to that of your choice.
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    Thank you Johnattan for your information. I have read the information in the link you sent me. That's how I know how to place SRT files in Lectora for my audio clips. I appreciate you pointing me to the published trivantis-player.css but can you tell me where I would change the sizing and placement of the text. I would rather have a single line of text running across the bottom of my title, than just have it sitting in the bottom right hand corner.
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    I've created a sample title which overrides some of the css values that are used for the media player and closed captions.

    It takes a little bit of work figuring out exactly how you want it, but then you should be able to apply it to all the CC media in your title. Please see the attached title for this example.