Pink visuals in Lectora 18 project when opened in Lectora 17

nkummert8322 Community Member Posts: 7
Hello all,

I know this is an unusual use case but hear me out:  I've been asked by a stakeholder to move some Lectora 18 projects back to Lectora 17. When I use Lectora 17 to open these files, most of the images are bright pink.

Has anyone else encountered this? Has a root cause been identified? Is it possible to take projects developed in Lectora 18 back to Lectora 17 keeping the visuals intact?

Thanks for your help in entertaining this rather odd request!


  • timk
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    That's odd indeed, it used to be vice versa:

    Sorry, I don't know a solution
  • khombach6003
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    Hi Nick!

    We already had the same problem as you do and I have to say unfortunately I have no solution either. I already contacted the support team and they had no solution. It seems to be a bug; unfortunately we had to recolor and also reset all actions and buttons, because the final version should be in 17. Be careful; not only shapes are pink, also actions do not seem to work properly.

    Kind regards

  • nkummert8322
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    Thanks for your reply! Can you expand on how actions don't seem to work? Is it limited to certain actions or do most not seem to work in your experience?