Drag/Drop Items individually revealed

nwilliams3743 Community Member Posts: 74

I have three drop zones and about 15 options to be dropped.

Is it possible to have each of the 15 drop items revealed one by one after a successful drop has been made? i.e. The first item to be dropped appears, the user will drag and drop that item into the correct drop zone (where it will stay), and only then, will the next drag and drop item appear for the user to select




  • mnotermans5114
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    Ofcourse that is possble. Everything is, because with Javascript you can make anything you can dream. With the standard Lectora drag-drop interaction it is possible too, but somewhat more complicated and out-of-the-box thinking needed. With variables and conditions you decide when to show specific options. it might be necessary to use multiple questions to get it working as you want. Give it a try, upload a starting sample and then some of your fellow developers onhere might help further.
  • nwilliams3743
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    So I didn't realise that there was the possibility to create an action from the Edit Feedback tab.

    Each option/drop item would be its own question, using same image as a backdrop.

    All questions except for the first question will be set to Initially Hidden

    If the answer was correct, the feedback would be to show the second question/drop item.

    Basic file attached.
  • timk
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    Another thing that might be helpful is that - although click actions should usually be avoided for textfields - these are fully alright for drag item textfields, because they are rendered differently.

    The sample was built in Lectora v17.0.6, it may not work in Lectora 18.