reporting test results to LMS

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usually i make Test Moduls (exams) in our LMS, where i can report the points and see if the students have passed it.

So my question :-) it is certain possible to make a scorm file with this function, but how? Are there variables for this?

It would be nice to have only one object (learning content + exam)

Wish you all a nice day, Marcel


  • timk
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    Of course it's possible. In the end there's no big difference between courses with and without a test. A scorm package must always send the score a user has achieved for the Assignable Unit (AICC_Score). If you don't have a test you'll have to set the score manually, if you have a test you can use the test score to fill in AICC_Score. Lectora creates a variable for the test called "Name_of_your_test_chapter_Score", e.g. "Test_1_Score".

    Check out Jennys course about Scorm that provides you with a comprehensive introduction to how it works.
  • mmilo9281
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    Hey Tim, thanks for your help, i will watch jennys course.

    greetings Marcel
  • mmilo9281
    mmilo9281 Community Member Posts: 155 ☆ Roadie ☆

    and how does this work, if i want that the score of a game will be shown in our LMS?

    Is this possible?

    i have downloaded the GameShow template from elearningbrothers.

    Thx and have a nice day, Marcel
  • timk
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    Change the type of your title to "AICC and SCORM for LMS", so that you can use the scorm variables.

    Identify the variable that is used to store the score: 29864_percent

    Find the place where the percent score is calculated: All relevant actions are attached to the image "textBox_Intro" and executed when the image is shown.

    Add another action under the calculations:

    On: Show
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: AICC_Score
    Type: Set equal to
    VAlue: VAR(29864_percent)
  • mmilo9281
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    Hi, thx for your manual.:-)

    i have tried this and its shows the percent but not the real score. It would be very cool if we can see the real points of every player.


  • timk
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    You can't use cmi.score.raw (AICC_Score) for the points as the variable requires a decimal and it will throw an error when you try to set it to a value > 1.

    You can check "Retain value between sessions" for the variable "29864_GameScore" to save the points to the suspend_data field in the LMS.

    ... it seems like the calculations made by the template are not too precise. In my test I answered all questions but 1 (100 points) question correctly. The point score is 7900 but the percentage score is 95 although it should be 99.
  • carlfink
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    Marcel, you might find out whether your LMS supports Tin Can (xAPI), which would let you define a custom field for "marcel_game_score" or whatever you choose.
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