variables and conditions

it's great that there are options to add conditions so you can show info boxes based on whether they have or haven't interacted with something else first. I would like to have the option of variables to do things more complex than that but i know that I've already suggested that.

as something to add some flexibility it would be good to have an "or" option rather than just an "and" option (if they have shown one of these three objects then do x) at the moment they either need to do it as all three, or you need three show actions one for each thing they could have interacted with.

I haven't finished building the functionality yet but i suspect this isn't yet possible - i have a yes/no question. depending on what they have looked at (shown) and which they choose (yes/no) they get different feedback. so if they choose yes and have seen all three things they get one feedback, but if they choose yes and have missed at least one of those then they get different feedback. if they choose yes and have looked at none of the options they get a third feedback. i can have "feedback one" show with conditions 1 and 2 and 3; I can have "feedback 3" show with conditions not seen 1 and not seen 2 and not seen 3. but if they choose yes and have seen only some of the three there is no way to build that in conditions so "feedback 2" will always show with either "feedback 1" or "feedback 3". I'd like a way to have it show this feedback first, if that doesn't apply show this one, if that doesn't apply show this one. I think that can only be done with variables. show "feedback 1" if variable "all" is true; show "feedback 2" if variable "some" is 0<all<3 (using a number variable - add one as they see each thing); show "feedback 3" if variable "none" is true.

anyway i think i'm done with my wishlist for now, back in a few days!


  • rleon7185
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    Hi Melanie,

    As always, this is great feedback. Thank you for taking the time to explore CenarioVR and play around with the functionality. Beginning next year we will introduce some new features that will hopefully make the mixed variable scenarios possible. Above all, we want to make sure that as we add new functionality, we keep the app simple and accessible. Let's keep talking. I definitely want to get engaged authors like you to participate in prototype review panels, as the plans become available.

    In the meantime, feel free to send me/share any scenarios that you have created so I can get a better idea of the use cases that you mention and the opportunities for improving them.
  • t_johnb
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    Full variable support has now been released in CenarioVR!
  • rbrugger2940
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    It would be great if we could "copy" Actions...particularly those that have complex conditions, multiple variables, etc. When being faced with having to make a change or add an action over multiple gets significantly cumbersome.

    I do like the flexibility that is allowed with the actions/variables though! :)