Questions not retaining value

danam Community Member Posts: 95
I am working on a project where trainers and others are able to leave their feedback on the trainee's performance and vice versa. I do not want this to be in the discussion boards as it is about the trainee's personal training and it can't be in a public area.

I created a simple (ha ha ha) feedback page to capture this, put a date and time in it, and I used the essay questions. Well, this has become my nightmare.

Simple right? Well first, it does not retain the answers between sessions...or at least it does not SHOW the answer. This makes the learner think that the space is available for comments, when in actuality if they click on  it and start writing it will override the previous input.

So cover it you say? Ok let's cover it so no one can get to it once used. Well, the cover does not want to stay either once you go out and come back either.
Oh, and did I tell you that it works in preview but not in CourseMill?