What are the top three functions you'd like to see in CourseMill?

What are the most important functions/operations that CourseMill does (improved) or does not (added) provide that you would like to see in the product? No rules around what it might be, but I would like you to describe it in four sentences or less. Once we you publish these on to the forum I hope everyone will offer additional thoughts on how the function/operation can be used or expanded to cover our wide range of customers.


  • jmortenson
    jmortenson Community Member Posts: 16
    ONE: Simplify the ENROLL/LAUNCH process for ONLINE-ONLY courses so that it is 1 click.

    In the wild, you should not stand between a mama grizzly and her cubs, or else there is trouble.
    In CourseMill, let's not stand between the student and launching their online course content. (hmm. metaphor needs work)

    Users shouldn't have to enroll FIRST and LAUNCH from My Courses second. Let's take away the ENROLL step whenever it is not required or have it happen "behind the scenes" so that it doesn't get between the user and launching the course!
    • If the course is open to enrollment, a user would see a LAUNCH button in the COURSE CATALOG
    • If user is already enrolled and gets to the course info page, there's a LAUNCH button
    • In addition to a Student Invitation LINK, we would have a  student LAUNCH link that would launch the course directly (while behind the scenes enrolling them for tracking purposes as necessary)
    TWO: Ability to use Boolean logic when assigning courses
    For example, we often want to assign a new course to all future new employees, but not current employees.
    Currently we have to assign to all and then EXEMPT with a batch job all current people. Painful.

    In the assign parameters, I'd like to be able to choose...

    assign <course x> to all users in organization IF hireDate is AFTER <date X>

    here's another parameter we could use right now...

    THREE: restrict ability to self-enroll based on job type

    We have a face-to-face course that people need to self-enroll in. It is only for asst Mgrs but everyone keeps trying to get in on the action. It'd be lovely to limit self-enrollment based on suborgs like Job Title.

    Hmmm. Can I wish for more wishes?
  • clammers
    clammers Community Member Posts: 133 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    We tend to use CourseMill a little differently than I believe most do: we offer all courses to any user to freely signs up for an account - no pre-authorization or enrolling. Therefore, our needs may be slightly out of scope, but here it goes:

    Multiple Credit Hours/Certificates

    We have several courses that offer continuing education opportunities in different disciplines (nursing, social work, etc.); however, CourseMill only records a single value for credit hours and provides a single certificate. To resolve this issue, we’ve created in-course certificates for the varying disciplines. The problem with this is twofold: 1) users have trouble differentiating between the in-course certificate of continuing education and the automatically-generated certificate sent out by CourseMill; 2) if a user needs to re-retrieve their certificate of CE, they must navigate to the Completed tab, re-open the course, and navigate back to the appropriate page to do so. It would be nice if we could assign different certificates to a course, based upon a specific indicator (either something on the user profile or a value entered in a course).

    Progress Tracking

    Perhaps this is an issue that has since been resolved, but we’ve had issues with tracking a user’s status within an individual course. At present, a student’s status is either tracked as ‘0% - Not Started,’ ‘10% - In Progress,’ or ‘100% - Passed/Complete.’ This is very confusing for students as they could have spent a considerable amount of time in a course and be several chapters/modules into it, but still see their status as 10%.

    Certificate Labels

    On the Transcript tab, the list that appears when a user clicks the Certificates button displays the Course ID, not the Course Name. This value means nothing to our students - only a code they have to decipher to determine what the course was. It would be much more beneficial if this list displayed the Course Name.
  • mlaymon8870
    mlaymon8870 Community Member Posts: 2
    We are tired of fighting issues (improper exits from the course, etc...) that can be fixed by telling our users, having varying degrees of computer savvy, to clear their cache and only use Firefox. Why isn't cache-control being utilized in an intelligent way?

    Advanced reports uses a derby database and we have discovered that if you don't pay attention, or have the technical luck to discover this,  that the default setup for logging  will quickly fill up your storage and you will begin having crashes on a regular basis. We believe this is an issue worth looking into.

    More granular user and group control. Allowed Hours and locations allowed to log in from would be a welcome addition.
  • jvieira4264
    jvieira4264 Community Member Posts: 1
    Would love to see the capability to not only have pre and post assessments in the same course but then be able to easily report and seperate out the results to see if there is a direct correlation with learning and increased score.