Stealing my video resolution lines!

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I'm using Lectora 12.1 with the Camtasia add in. When you export from Camtasia using the Lectora preset, it outputs a 1280x720 video. Great, exactly what I want. However, when you import it into Lectora to place on a slide, Lectora drops about 40 pixel lines from the top and bottom of the video and in the Size dialog box it states the video is 1238X720, which now adds black bars top and bottom when the video plays. This looks like garbage and very amateurish. How can I get my 42 pixels back?


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    I believe this is due to Lectora counting the pixels for the control bar at the bottom of frame - the size in the Properties pane is for the entire frame (including control bar) rather than just the video.


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    rwatkins9162 Community Member Posts: 17
    I'm also pretty sure that's the case. Ill have to find the code for a skin that does not have a control bar and will play the vids full frame and gets rid of the ugly black frame that it sits on till it plays.