Curriculum Stopped Automatically Assigning

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Hello all, we have a curriculum that assigns based on job title and pushes the curriculum when a new user is imported into CourseMill.

Last week, they course stopped assigning to job titles that are part of the assignment profile.  Do you have suggestions on how to begin troubleshooting the problem?

We have checked the spelling of the job title and nothing has changed in that field. New associates job titles are matching what is currently in the drop down list.

We checked settings for the curriculum and don't see anything that is off. We would love some thoughts on what to check. I've attached screen shots of our settings if that is helpful.

Our most commonly hired job title is Support Staff, so that is where we are seeing the problem right now, but it could be others as well.

We have not made any updates or changes to the courses or curriculum.

Thank you in advance for any advice you have for us,

Amy Hagen

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  • jvalley4735
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    Without knowing the various ways your CourseMill instance is set up it's going to be hard to pinpoint.  I'd recommend submitting a Support ticket so they can take a look it from the back end.  There's a "Submit a support ticket" button under the active members list on the right hand side of the screen :)
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    <p>We are having a similar problem.</p><p>Our login process uses Active Directory, so the suborg information comes from that.  We may manually add a user (just ID and name) in order to assign some new user courses.  Then when they log in, the suborgs are updated, and a curriculum assigned.  But sometimes the curriculum does not get assigned.  If you make the user inactive (and Save) then make them active, it triggers the assignment.</p><p> </p>