Test set over multiple sections

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Hi all,

I have a module that comprises 10 short sections. Instead of having a final test with 10 questions, I would prefer to have one question at the end of each section, all reading into the same variable and have that final score passed to the LMS.

Can someone advise how to set up this up, as I have only ever previously had a 'final' test.

Do I need to 'Add Test' as such, and have it marked as 'Grade the Test' and modify the Test_1_Score manually for each question? Or do I manually set up all variables and just add questions, without selecting 'Add Test'?




  • mallow76
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    If you add 10 graded tests (each with one question each) then it will automatically do what you want. The overall score that is reported to the LMS will be the average of all tests in the title.

    Or you could instead opt to adjust the score variable yourself (AICC_Score) and add 10 to it if the person gets the question right. If they get all 10 correct then the score variable will = 100 (which will be passed across as 100%).

    Managing the score yourself will probably allow you more flexibility with how your tests/questions are presented within your content.
  • timk
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    You can use a custom variable to achieve it. The answers a user gives to the question are retained throughout the session and can be retained between sessions. On your results page or final page of the course you can count the number of correctly answered questions in your own variable, e.g. "results". Just add a series of action to

    Action: Modify variable
    Target: results
    Type: Add to variable
    Value: 1

    Condition: Only if "Question_0001" is correct

    Repeat for each question.

    In the end the variable should contain the number of correctly answered questions.

    To make it a score for the LMS you'll have to calculate a percentage:

    Action: Modify variable
    Target: results
    Type: Divide variable by
    Value: 10 (the number of questions in your course)

    Action: Modify variable
    Target: results
    Type: Multiply variable by
    Value: 100

    This would mean for 8 correctly answered questions: 8 / 10 = 0.8 * 100 = 80

    Then set AICC_Score to that value:

    Action: Modify variable
    Target: AICC_Score
    Type: Set
    Value: VAR(results)