Custom logout screen based on suborg

lpauer7193 Community Member Posts: 11

I have set up earlier in the customlogout.html different logout screens for some of our orgs. I have made four custom login pages in four different languages for one organization. It would be nice that e.g. when a Croatian user logs out he/she would get back to the Croatian login page.

Is it possible to set up the logout screen to be based on the suborg0 value, instead of the orgid value?



  • lpauer7193
    lpauer7193 Community Member Posts: 11
    To be more specific: I added this line to the customlogout.html file:

    if( suborg0 == 'Croatia' ) htmlDefault = 'suzuki_verseny_hr_logout.html';

    And of course, I created the suzuki_verseny_hr_logout.html file, which directs the user back to the login page I want.

    But it is not working, a blank page appears when a user with the suborg0 value 'Croatia' logs out.

    Is there an error in the files, or this is not possible at all?

  • tomdupont
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    I don't have an answer for you, but would be interested to learn how to do this as well.
  • jvalley4735
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    This option is not currently available within the system.  I'll pass along this post in reference to potentially adding it into CourseMill in the future.