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One of the things that I really like about Lectora is the ability to now put variable values anywhere in a paragraph. However, you cannot format the text.

In the "Change Contents" text, it would be great if you could do simple text formatting (Bold, Underline, Italics, etc.). It would be even better if you could add bullets and numbers, and it would be fantastic if you could build a table and put values from variables in the table fields.

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    I completely agree!

    We'll put this on our backlog of enhancement items.


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    You can get around this a little bit by using individual text boxes for the variables. Formatting applied to the whole text box will still apply after you use change contents. So you can set font size, weight, color, etc. for the text box and then when you change contents to your variable value it will retain that formatting. I attached an example where I created a table and overlaid text boxes so I could change them to the value the learner entered in some input fields.

    I would be excited if we could apply some CSS based on a variable value, for example, when you get the question wrong the text box border is red and when the answer is correct the text box border is green.
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    Yes, Teresa!  We have also discussed "conditional formatting" actions.  If this is something that you would be interested in, perhaps you can open a thread on it and hopefully it will get up-voted by the community.


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    In fact you can conditionally format existing text. With Javascript ;-)
    With GSAP (   ) you can change a text or part of a text's classname.

    When changing that to a specific CSS you want to use for it. Well the appearance of that text will change.
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    Are any of you having issues with Change Contents > Text feature and the vertical scroll not working when it is supposed to (checked).
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    Do you have an example? (I know this is a bit of an older post.) I ran into the issue with the results box from a test and have a workaround that might be helpful. I've not really had it with general text blocks so far.
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    My only issue with using vertical scroll in text boxes is that it doesn't seem to be keyboard-accessible for sighted keyboard users.

    In my experience, a screen reader will read all of the text in the block, so it's not an issue for those users, but the up/down arrows don't seem to work on the vertical scroll in a text box. This is a problem for sighted keyboard users.

    I hope Lectora addresses this issue in a future update.