Variable not working with seamless play enabled

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Hi all

I'm using Lectora Inspire v17.0.5

I've just had to re-publish some projects that I haven't touched for a while, and in doing so I noticed that one of my variables was broken. In the end, I disabled the Seamless Play option on publish, and this fixed the problem for now, but I'm not sure if that is the best solution.

The variable is just a counter that I use to track progress through to our training portal (we're not using an LMS), so I have the following action at the title level:

Trigger: on show

Action: modify variable

Target: add to variable

Condition: if this page is not completed

I have this value showing in a text box in a tiny font, so that I can be sure the tracking is working. This variable is reported to our training portal, and shows the progress of completion on a little progress bar.

OK, so there's bound to be a better way to do this, using all the Lectora progress tracking etc, but this works for me, for now. Well, it did, until today....

When I published with seamless play enabled, the counter just did not work, and I thought I'd broken something. When I published with seamless play turned off, the counter works again, but I'm not sure if there is something else I should be doing, so that seamless play works.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.