Responsive IF doesn't work in SCORM module

jfrench5556 Community Member Posts: 17
I have created a responsive design course, and updated it using Lectora Online version 3.4.  I want to hide something in phone view, but not on the desktop or on a tablet.  It works fine when I run it in my development screen, but when I create a SCORM module and try it on the desktop, it acts like it's on a phone.  My condition for hiding the group of text boxes is:

IF CurrentView Contains Phone

Can someone please help?




  • agaudet1236
    agaudet1236 Community Member Posts: 36
    Hi there,

    I'd be happy to take a look at the title for you. If you let me know the name of the title, with your permission, i'll grab a copy and see if i can see the reason its misbehaving.
  • jfrench5556
    jfrench5556 Community Member Posts: 17
    Thanks!  It's    "HMFR5 Topic 2-9"  in   My Titles\HazMat 5\Chapter 2

    Is that what you need?  Do I have to do something else to give you permission?

    By the way, I'm using Firefox for both development and hosting the SCORM module, but I also tried to fix this using Chrome, and got the same result.
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