Creating accessible learning modules

mdyer6171 Community Member Posts: 17
What are some ideas or thoughts that your company does to create learning modules that are accessible to a large audience?

For example, our company tries to keep diversity in mind when creating learning modules.  We operate across most of the US, and we hire associates from all over the world.  When we create videos or animations, we want to incorporate associates from all different backgrounds.  We think it is very important to keep in mind we are all one team and that we all have different backgrounds.


  • jvalley4735
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    I think mapping out alternatives is always helpful.  For example, if an image is included then a descriptive text should accompany. Or if a video is provided also include captions.  Then apply all of these to any given course.
  • mdyer6171
    mdyer6171 Community Member Posts: 17
    I agree Jennifer.  Those are both very good points to keep in mind.