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I haven't had to use  the lectora test feature up until now (changes in LMS) and it's driving me a little insane.

I've been testing variables to see if the scores are being added, and having a final page of the test to show the score as a whole number and as a percentage.

This works fine in debug mode. The variables all work and the values are perfect.

Once published (html to hard drive - no LMS yet), the final score will either be 6/6, 100% score or a 0/6, 0% result, depending on where I place the process test/survey variable.  I do not understand, anything that i score will either result in a 0% or 100%, even if it should be a different score.

On the final page of the test, i have a modify variable 'finalscore' to add 1 to variable if (q1 is correct, q2 is correct, q3 corect, etc) set at ANY condition can be true. Then an onshowchange 'textbox' to 'finalscore'

(if processtest/survey is before the above actions, it results in a 100%. If process test/survey is after the actions, it results in 0%)


Unfortunately with my new job I cannot upload sample nor test in scorm cloud. Any clues?


  • nwilliams3743
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    Adding to the above, Reviewlink displays the results correctly as I'd expect them to display.


    Not being able to upload/download to this site anymore is a right pain =/
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    Sounds like an LMS issue.  Which LMS are you using?  Can you share the files with Support?  There's a Submit a support ticket off to the right of the screen.
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    The "Process Test / Survey" should always be on the last question page (if the test is not randomized) or you shouldn't have the action at all if the test is randomized. Processing the test will calculate the score and do the actions defined as "On: Passed" and "On: Failed / Cancelled". Normally these actions should lead out of the test chapter.

    Do you have only One action to calculate the "finalscore"? An action to Add 1 If q1 is correct OR q2 is correct,... will result in "finalscore" either be "0" (i.e. initial or current value) or "1". The conditions mean that "1" is added once if any of the questions is correct or not if none is correct. It will not add 1 if q1 is correct, add 1 if q2 is correct, ... you'd need one action for each question.


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    Tim is spot on there (see my post on the AICC_Score gaffe I made the other day).

    If you're only adding 1 point with an if statement, it's only ever going to add 1 point or no points. I do something very similar in my current course - The questions on the course adds to a variable created for the chapter and each question adds one point to that variable. At the end of the course, the overall "course_score" and "course_percent" are determined and will exempt a student from the final test if it's high enough.

    If they take choose to take the test or have to take the test, the course then compares the course_score to the test_score, takes the higher of the two and sets that as the AICC_Score.

    I'd post my course, but it's very "heavy" - If I get some time, I can post just the questions and test.