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Hello, we have launched an upgraded New Associate Orientation program and we need to know that employees started the eLearning course within their first hour of employment.

I'm trying to build or find a report that will show me start time. I have the amount of time on the report, which is great, but I need the actual start time.

Any tips?




  • donwiggins
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    The time they start is not recorded. If you include interactions, there is a timestamp on the answers. There is also a timestamp in completiondate.

  • mnotermans5114
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    You can use Javascript for that:
    1. Add an action -> onShow -> runJavascript
    2. As Javascript add :
      var timeStarted = new Date().toLocaleString();
      alert("course was started at: "+timeStarted);
    The variable timeStarted you can retain between sessions, make sure its only called once by adding a condition..
    You could use default variables for the condition or create a custom one like this:

    3. Create a variable -> isPageVisited = 0
    4. Add a condition to the onShowRunJavascript action -> if isPageVisited = 0, do it, else do nothing
    5. Add an action after the javascript call -> Modify Variable -> isPageVisited = 1

    Now the JS function gets called only 1 time, and you can always call/reuse the timeStarted variable

    Have fun,