Best Practices - integrating Cloud-based modules

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I am trying to figure out the best way to pull an outside vendor's content into Coursemill.

The vendor says, "With the cloud-based option, many clients have found ways to track (the modules) within their LMS systems. Depending on your LMS capabilities, you may be able to track where a user goes after they click an external link. So you could set up your LMS to provide the user with the class ID and a link to our website. That way the LMS captures the user has signed up and gone to our website and possibly even track the actions the user took once they are at our website. Once the user completes the eLearning, the final quiz score is automatically emailed to the LMS administrator and can be entered into the LMS."

Is this basically inserting the link into a Lectora module?

If this takes scripting I am going to need a lot of help.



  • danam
    danam Community Member Posts: 96
    Not even a nibble on this one?

  • donwiggins
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    I apologize that no one got back to you on this. It does depend on the vendor. They do have to be AICC courses, unless they have a special wrapper. The vendor will usually give you import files to get the framework for the courses into CourseMill. We do have a special import program for Skillsoft that will get all of them in one fell swoop.