Captivate-like options for TOC (especially the unlocking page-link only after viewed)

candaceid Community Member Posts: 14
It is SO nice having the ability to easily limit learner to view pages in order (and not missing any pages), but still allow/encourage them to review previous pages or sections of a course. In Captivate, I can keep the SME happy and the Learner happy because once they have done a quit run through the pages, they are free to bump around forward and backward easily.


  • kirkisbetter
    kirkisbetter Community Member Posts: 19
    I agree with this suggestion.  I do use a course menu that shows each chapter (with status indicators) to indicate which entire chapters have been completed, but I too would like the flexibility of the TOC only allowing the student to jump to visited pages.  Many of my courses need to be taken in a linear fashion, so I don't end up showing the TOC until the student has completed all chapters. Having the feature of being able to jump to any visited page (but not ahead) would really be helpful.
  • dfleary
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    This is a really good and often requested improvement.  Adding "prerequisite" functionality to the TOC and Menu objects is currently on our list of planned enhancements for upcoming releases of Lectora and Lectora Online later this year.

    In the meanwhile, my colleague Wendy Miller posted a great sample that demonstrates how you can use Lectora/Lectora Online’s current status tracking functionality to require prerequisite portions of a title to be completed before accessing other areas of the title. You can check it out here: