Synchronize Events Window updates

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I'd like to see some changes in the Synchronize  Events window. Most of these would just help workflow and ease of use. #3 would be a huge time saver as well.

Top 3 as follows:

1. Make the window resize-able. It's be nice to be able to change the size of the window to be wider or taller to see more info at a time. It's kind of a pain to program a long list of things when you can only see 6 at a time - if you have 40-50 events taking place this is a lot of unneeded scrolling just to fill in actions.

2. Make the columns in the window resize-able, or at least wider. Again depending on your event names, you run into an issue where you can't see the whole name when you're trying to enter the actions for, and depending on object names you can't see them completely in the Target column without being cut off.

3. Being able to multi-select rows/Events and assign actions to them at one time. This would be a huuuuge time saver. If you have a lot of events that use the same Action (Show, or Hide for instance) it would be great to be able to multi-select the rows and then apply the action and then all the selected rows insert that Action.


  • lsilver
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    Thanks so much for the feedback here - this is an area we'll be looking at improving in the future.