Line Spacing/Formatting updates

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It would be great to see an update on the functionality of the Line Spacing option in the formatting group of the Home tab.

1. It would be nice if you could set this as a default style under the Design tab much like the text style is.

2. A drop down selection here would be a nice feature. otherwise you have to select your text box, click in to edit the text, select the text. click the button, then go to the drop down, then apply it... a bit tedious for a simple change and awfully tedious when doing this on every page and possibly for multiple text boxes on a page.

3. It would be even better if you didn't have to directly select/highlight the text to be able to set this. If you click the text box, it grays out the line spacing button until you enter and select text. It would be great if you could just apply the line spacing to a text box and it applies to all text within it. I could see some instances where you'd want to set different line spacing within a text box, but it would be much less often than setting everything to a singular spacing amount.

4. It would super awesome to combine #2 and #3 so you could select a text box, click the dropdown and make your selection. 3 clicks instead a minimum of 7 in the current setup, and cuts development time doing this by at least 2/3 which can add up if you're doing this to 200-300 text boxes.


  • klaatu
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    If I'm understanding you correctly, one way you can handle this would be with a tiny bit of CSS. Create a stylesheet with the following rule:

    div.mySpacing span{
    line-height: 3;

    Add it via cascading style sheet option in an html extension object.

    Now any text block you add a class of mySpacing to will have a line-height of whatever you declared (3 in this case).
  • lsilver
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    These are great suggestions! Thanks for writing them up - we'll add them to our enhancement backlog.
  • mnelson
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    We should also be able to save Space-After and Space-Before settings in paragraph styles. Very tedious to set this manually for every paragraph throughout a title.