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This is completely off topic, but I am looking for some input. My organization would like to implement some sort of culture training, but I'm not sure what that looks like (and it's my job to come up with the training plan). Nobody I've talked to in my organization has any idea what it would look like either (so the world is my oyster, I guess). Have you ever been through a successful culture-specific training? Or even an unsuccessful one? I would love some input to give me a jumping off point. Thanks!


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    I worked for an organization that was international so they created a course that represented all of the cultures we had working for the company.  The course explained how to properly greet someone, expected behavior during meetings and walk through (who opens the door for who etc), and then also talked about some cultural aspects that either affect how the person would operate or appear.  For example explaining that certain times were off limits for practicing Muslims. That certain cultures work different hours so it's considered rude to schedule meeting so early or later in the evening.  Being late is a big no no for a lot of cultures.  ETC I'm sure there was other content in it as well but I kind of just stumbled on it like 6 years and I wasn't required to retain any of the information so I was just poking around.
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    Thanks Jennie! I was thinking more of corporate culture, rather than cultural diversity. I heard about one organization that did intensive company culture training to new hires and reduced turnover to 15%! I wish I had thought to ask questions about specifics.
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    I'm not sure what industry you are working for, however, a "safety" culture always works. You can find ways to make being safe a top priority. If there are jobs that require coordination among workers they can hold job safety briefings before starting work. You can have posters made indicating how many days have gone by without an accident. Information about past accidents can be disseminated to employees so they do not repeat what caused it. You can have employees report things they feel are unsafe (make sure they hear something back). Housekeeping and Safety also go hand in hand so you can add some housekeeping to the safety culture training. Just an idea to maybe have some fun with.
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    What i hear/ is more about some sort of Onboarding Training.... well those differ per company.
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    Hi, Alexis - I'm late to the conversation, but my company does something that sounds like what you're looking for.  In our onboarding process, we start out with an all-morning presentation that goes over our history, mission, values, corporate culture initiative, and customer service.  Let me know if this sounds like what you're looking for.
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    Hi Bernadette, that sounds exactly like what I'm interested in. Would you be willing to reach out to me at [email protected] to talk more about it?