Convert Web Window to Ext HTML Object

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So... Let's say I have a Web Window in desktop Lectora title. When I export the title as PKG and upload to Lectora Online, the Web Window vanishes without any trace or warning (which sucks because I cannot be always aware of what objects were in the L16 title, what objects are supported by LO and how they are handled... anyhow, silently deleting stuff is bad).

Here's a suggestion. Instead of deleting the web window, you could generate an Ext HTML Object with the same attributes (same dimensions, same URL) and attach all the files that were attached to the WW in the original desktop title.

I don't think it is a huge change but it would help bridge one of the biggest functional gaps between LO and L16.


  • ssneg
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    And an extra bug while I'm at it. Desktop's "On Page Show - Do smth" attached to a page converts to exact same action type in LO but won't work, because there is no "On Page Show" for Pages in LO, only for objects on a page. No error is given, the action just won't fire.
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    I've brought both points to the LO developers attention.
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    When you say "On Page Show" do you mean an OnShow action at the page level?
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    No, I mean "On Page show" on Page level. Not "On show" on Page level. See pic.
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    Great points!  We make every effort to convert existing items or notify authors through a Title level system note of any title modifications.  We will work on a fix for this item in the next release.  We are highly focused on closing the object compatibility gap over the next year, so hopefully we will not need this for long.

    For the On Page Show action: On Page Show actions should not be at the page level.  They cannot be inserted there, and if they are copied there they should be converted to an On Show action.  Regardless, at publish time we can check for On Page Show actions at the page level and treat them the same as On Show actions.  Does this sound like it would fix the issue you are seeing?

  • ssneg
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    Thank you Joe, this is great. I think LO is the most important asset of Trivantis and I really look forward to the two products converging in functionality and beyond.