Managing Sessions

I recently assigned one specific Course to all employees in the company.  We know that every employee (approx. 8000) is required to complete the course, but the actual training instances (sessions) are to be determined. Now, as a system default every employee is registered in one standard Session for the Course.

When the actual training instance (session) is determined, we Add a Session with the appropriate training details (date/time/instructor/location, etc). When I Register a student to the new session, it duplicates the course information in the student's Gradebook.

Does anyone have a best practice for moving students from one session to another?


  • nhaven1609
    nhaven1609 Community Member Posts: 16
    If you enroll a student to any course and there are open session, CourseMill will try and pick one.

    If all your users need enrolled in the course, but sessions are TBA, I would consider turning off the Assignment rule, unenrolling the users from the course level, and assigning the users directly to the sessions that applies(optional but you can leave session or course inactive till you have the information). This will allow you to edit the sessions later and then all the appropriate users will have the proper session you want.

    Please let me know if this helped.

    Nicholas Haven
  • bdurling5661
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    This was helpful. Thank you. I only wish that I would have asked earlier (prior to assigning the course to 8000 people). I'm not sure that conducting a bulk unenroll is feasible at this point due to the mass number of people assigned/enrolled in the course.  I can't even image the amount of time involved in that process. Yikes.

  • danam
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    I was very surprised that this was not feasible. I would think that it would look at the people in the session who have been completed and then allow the remaining people to populate the next open session.

    If this does not work this way, then how do you maintain the Instructor Led Assignment Requirements accurately?