RCD Reset Overrides

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Currently Lectora somehow calculates size and position of objects for the different views. This is sometimes surprising esp. as Lectora will resize textfields but doesn't change the font-size, so the textfields are too small to display the text.

Now, on most of my pages I want my objects to have the original size, I'll then reposition them to fit on the smaller page for phone views or Tablet portrait. The problem is that I have to resize all objects back to the original (Desktop) dimensions, three times.

My suggestion would be to insert a button "Reset to original size / position". I know I can "Reset Overrides" but that will reset the object to the size and position Lectora has calculated for this view and that is rarely what I want. In fact I've never used this button, but for testing what it does.

Another way to achieve that could be a checkbox for each object "Don't resize / reposition for alternative views".

Thanks Tim


  • jvalley4735
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    I've submitted your suggestion to our development team.  Thanks!