RE: Text Box Formatting in Lectora v11

kstagg Community Member Posts: 230
I realize that you can go into Design > Text Style and Manage Styles to control various types of text throughout your course, but it doesn't allow you to do things like control Text Box (caption) properties to set up default values.

So for example, I want to set up buffer values of 10, 10, 5, 10 across the board and aligned to the left. I also want a certain bgrnd color and color/weight of the border. How could I do that short of going into each text box and setting that up. Yes, I know I could place a pre-formatted text box on a blank/non published page and copy it onto the page I need, but would be nice not to have to do that when I start each simulation.

Thanks in advance -


  • ssneg
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    Yeah, something like a checkbox to "use this object's settings as default settings for all future objects of the same kind", could be useful. I personally just format something once and then copy it as needed. Usually because I might need 4-5 different styles for a box anyhow.
  • kstagg
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    Good to know I'm not missing something. Is there a way to adjust the leading? Some way to adjust the spacing from the edges of the text boxes? At least, like you said, I could create it once then copy it, but I don't see any way to do that. Centering just looks sloppy when using multiple lines of text.

    Thanks Sergey.