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I'm working on my 2017 budget "wishlist" and several people I spoke to at LUC2016 mentioned using Photoshop.  Does anyone use the Adobe Creative Cloud? I'm wondering if it would benefit me to use the apps offered in the Creative Cloud instead of just investing in Photoshop.  I need ideas on how, if anyone, uses their Creative Cloud subscription in creating their courses.

Thanks in advance, any ideas will help me in justifying my request.


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    I've only ever found use for Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro.  Most free vector website offer the files in either PSD (Photoshop) or AI (Illustrator) format so it makes it easier to include images in a course.  I personally like the website freepik.  You can also use the magic wand tool to quickly remove backgrounds which can be a huge time saver. With Acrobat pro you can edit existing PDFs which is nice if your course includes forms which you may not have the original for. The cloud does include a flash creator and audio/video editing software which can be helpful when creating a multimedia rich course. After Effects is a motion graphic creating tool which is pretty cool but the learning curve can be quite steep.
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    Thanks for the information Jennifer.  Besides Photoshop, Illustrator is another program I would benefit from as well.  I'll definitely check out freepik.
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    Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC are the basic ones a designer needs to create anything. Or some equivalent free tool..Gimp.

    On PC Adobe Bridge certainly is usefull for quick image preview and setting keywords to images for future reference.
    On a Mac Adobe Bridge is less usefull.

    If you make animations Adobe AfterEffects is unrivaled ... well on PC.
    For the Mac you have the choice between AfterEffects and Motion.

    A Photoshop plugin i use all the time is Vertus Fluid Mask ( )
    On the homepage you allready see what it excels at. Quick and perfect cutting free of any image. From smoke to peoples hair. Especially usefull when you need custom characters from photos. You got them cut-out in no time.

    Good luck,
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    I would second the comment made about After Effects. I have the whole suite and mostly use Ps and Ai, but one of the coolest features of Ae is the Character Animator piece. It allows you to upload an existing character you have created in either Ps or Ai and it essentially does the animation for you. Check it out!
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    Thank  you Math! I'll look into those tools.
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    Thank you Jamie this has helped me so much.  I appreciate it!