Video sync events (triggers) questions

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I have some questions for any Lectora gurus out there (I am using Lectora Inspire v16.1.2):

1) Can I remove the "fullscreen" button from default video controller (ideally with some html extension)?

2) Is it possible to jump to video event (trigger) via javascript action?

3) Is it possible to set up video events (triggers) via javascript action?

4) How precise can we control video regarding time? For example, this should this be equivalent:
- mejs.players.mep_0.setCurrentTime(26.4);
- video event set at 26.4
but in my test there is slight difference. I read somewhere that MediaElement (which is also used by Lectora) has time interval of 250ms. Is this correct? Can this be changed?

Also, it's quite cumbersome to set up events precisely with mouse and slider. It would be great if this could be done with keyboard and then move slider frame-by-frame. :) I also tried changing default video editor (with Camtasia) but it seems that I can't set up events anymore after that...

Thank you!


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    1. Add a style sheet with the following.

    div[id^='mep'] .mejs-fullscreen-button {

    2. - 4.  Read

    You can get better response but I haven't had the time to work on it.

  • ds8538
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    Darrel, thank you for your reply.

    I've read entire post from the link you provided (and it's a great post) but it didn't solve my problem.

    Maybe it will help to lighten up my problem a bit :)

    I have a mp4 video file (e.g. 60s sec long). What I want is to set some event triggers (checkpoints) at predefined times (eg. 15s, 30s, 45s). At those checkpoint I want to pause video and run some action (e.g. short quiz).

    I can do all of this with use of Lectora sync event command but there is one problem when playing such video. If I use a controller (playbar) and jump directly to 33s it triggers first (15s) and second (30s) event.

    What I need is that a user can use a controller and jump to random place on a timeline and that video won't trigger all events before that time.

    I suppose I can't get such behaviour with Lectora sync events (or am I maybe mistaken?), so I was asking if is possible to reach such solution via some Javascript.

    But maybe there is entirely different solution to this problem. Any idea? :=)


    P.S.: Ah, I've tried your code for disabling fullscreen button. It removes the button but also mess-up button for volume which is on some weird place under the controller??
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    Lectora does trigger all events on the timeline when you skip ahead. What you can do is to modify those events a little bit so they don't conflict with each other. E.g. instead of using just "show the quiz #1" and "show the quiz #2" you could add an action that hides ALL quizzes before showing the one you need. This way only one quiz will be show (the last one) even if the learner skips ahead.
  • ds8538
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    Thanks Sergey,

    but I don't want to show the last one but the next one :)

    For example, I have first event at 15s, second one at 30s and a third one at 45s.
    If I skip to 35s it should trigger the next event (at 45s). It should "jump over" the first and second event.

    And if I afterwards jump to 12sec, I want it to trigger first available event (the one at 15s).