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Hi all

It seems that the latest update of Lectora no longer has the option to change the default Scalebar when inserting a Likert style question.

Has anyone noticed this, and is there a way to change the scalebar quickly? I now only have the rainbow option, but previously I was able to quickly select a less colourful option from the Edit Question dialog.

I've noticed this is only a problem when inserting this style of question in a Survey, but not a problem when inserting a question directly to a page, as the Connector Style field is available.

So I believe this may be a bug.... I'll submit a support ticket.




  • jvalley4735
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    From the question creator there's a Connector Style drop down.  Is that what your referring to?
  • ahetherington9113
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    Hi Jennifer

    Yes, that option is available for likert questions that are inserted directly or inserted into a Test, however the option is not available when the question is inserted into a Survey.

    I have raised a ticket and the response was that the rainbow option is the only option available for surveys at present, and a request will be made to the developers to have it added for surveys.



  • dfleary
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    Thanks for the information. We'll get this fixed. In the meanwhile, if you create the Likert question on a page outside of the survey, you can then move it (drag it) onto the desired page within the survey.

    - - Daryl
  • rwvaughn
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    508 requires labels for radio buttons. The likert questions put the scale along the top. Anyway to add labels to the radio buttons in a likert question, and then hide them?
  • ahetherington9113
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    Thanks Daryl.