latest contest ?

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Im lost to what the topic for the latest contest is ?




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    No worries!  It was posted during LUC so you were probably busy learning things in person. We decided to go to a monthly format so you'll find details about each new contest posted on the 18th of each month (or the closest working day of the week) in the Knowledge Base.
    Here's this months:

    We also send out an email as a reminder sometime during the month.  If your not already be sure your signed up for our newsletter/mailing list.  If you are signed up and are not seeing anything coming through your inbox it's a good possibility it's being sent to your junk folder so make sure to mark us as a safe sender.

    "Subscribe to our blog" on the right hand side of the screen at

    We also announce each contest and entrant on social media especially Twitter and LinkedIn.

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    Big help as always Jen...thx