Let's keep the conversation from LUC 2016 going

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We've had some great conversations started while at the LUC 2016! Let's keep them going.  What did you learn? What inspired you? Did someone answer your question? I learned how to access page variables. Yes, after 7 years of Lectora development, I discovered a secret garden of usable variables. Score!


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    White Flash
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    As Sergey shows... indeed the One-Page-Publishing Hero who is gonna tackle the White Flash...
    Allready expected that one a bit, but still happy to see John showing it.
    Also i liked the emphasis on Shapes and them being SVG. In my presentation i showed some nice samples on how touse SVG as is in Lectora.

    Anyone who missed my presentation and wants to download it and the assets for creating PSD2Lectora ( its not easy.. a lot of javascript and photoshop knowledge needed ) can download it at

    As those who attended saw in it was:

    Photoshop2Lectora through JSX (Javascript)
    WebGL enabled effects and shaders ( Unity5 publishes to WebGL so that might be nice future stuff )GSAP animations
    PixiJS game engine
    SVG tips and tricks in Lectora

    Still in Florida now. When im back any questions /demos or whatever i will answer.
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    I was also very impressed by what Ivan Groe and Lance Healy shared in their PanAm Games session. 300'000 hours of learning delivered! Such a massive endeavour!
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    Had a great time seeing everyone. It amazes me what people do with Lectora some of which I never even thought was possible. Every year I see something new and it blows my mind. I really enjoyed the jQuery extension classes, they really opened up a new level of interactivity that you can get within the course.





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    More than anything, I really like the way each of the presenters tackled the issue of design. Even though I already know how to put a course together, it's always great to see what other people are coming up with, to gather some fresh perspectives and be able to look at your own work with new eyes and see maybe how you can tweak your own development for the better.
    Specifically, I like the way that Penny Kurtz and Erica Hunter turned basic (read: boring) bullet lists into simple interactions that get the learner involved in the course.
    Looking forward to putting a lot of these thoughts into practice.
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    Don't forget to take the post conference evaluation ! http://trivantis.com/luc-2016-eval/ Did I forget to mention there's a raffle???