Which LMS are you using?

adriana7707 Community Member Posts: 34

Which LMS are you using and how do you find it? I'm looking for the best LMS to use as I'm not winning with the current ones.

Is it user friendly?
Is it easy to use?How often do you get errors?
How's the support?
Do they listen to what you are saying or do they ask you a question you've answered already in your first email? You laugh? I get that a lot.


  • mashefve
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    We are using CourseMill.  It is easy to use and has lots of great functionality.  Support is good and the system is rarely down.  We are happy with it.  We also purchased an add on called Advanced Reports that allows users to get the report they need instead of just using canned reports.  I would recommend it highly.  Good luck with your search.