HTML title dialog box/publish strings

avanneer9353 Community Member Posts: 10
When publishing a SCORM course in Lectora Online and selecting the option 'Published course will prompt to restore the last viewed location within the LMS', you get the dialog box asking if you want to return to the last visited page.

It all works well, but the title from this dialogbox shows the html-page name instead of the Course Title, see example attached (published with short ID-based names). Is there a way to get the title in there? I feel like I missed a simple selection box or preference..


  • tecocat
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    This may be specific to individual LMSs. For example, in the LMS my company uses (SkillPort), the message is worded slightly differently. My course title *does* appear in the title area, but I don't know whether that's because I did something differently than you did or just because my LMS is smarter ( ;) ) than yours is.

    Which LMS do you use? Perhaps someone here with the same LMS can help! (Of course, I could also be wrong about this being LMS-specific...)


  • avanneer9353
    avanneer9353 Community Member Posts: 10
    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for responding and sorry for my late reaction. (I turned off some notifications and forgot I posted this)

    I'm using the LMS from PlusPort, a Dutch Academy organization. I have access to a few other LMSs so will definitely test this!