Refresh open .awt

I am working on a setup similar to my PSD2Lectora for X10 i showed before, but then for Lectora 16 RCD.
One of the things i  would like is a 'refresh me' button inside Lectora. Because the .awt actually is xml, if you know what to change, you can change any parameter inside the .awt file, and if you close and reopen your Lectora file that change indeed has happened.

A button inside Lectora to refresh the current title ( and even better call a javascript and then refresh the title ) would open up great possibilities to extend Lectora functionality where and when needed.


  • jvalley4735
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    I'll notify the developers of your suggestion.  Thanks Math!
  • jmcnamee
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    Why is a "refresh button" not a standard feature of Lectora? Almost all other authoring systems have it!