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Lectora Training

vmccabe2388 Community Member Posts: 3
I am in the process of deciding if Lectora Inspire is the right tool for our company. I am finding it difficult to find step by step training on the community page. Is Lectora better learned through a classroom training or web training?

This would be a substantial investment for my company so I want to ensure I fully understand the capabilities of the system and that someone without an e-learning background could learn this system overtime to deliver high quality content.


  • jdwilliford
    jdwilliford Community Member Posts: 8
    From my own experience, and with the obvious caveat that learning styles vary, I think so. I learned Lectora mostly on my own, but had significant prior experience in other tools (Director, CourseBuilder, Authorware, Hypercard, Flash, etc.) If you are planning on hiring an instructional designer for future work, though, I'd suggest finding the right person first, then mutually deciding what software works best to develop the kind of content you want. Either way, good luck!
  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466
    Hi! Welcome to the community!

    Lectora 101 from Ben Pitman is a good book (http://www.amazon.com/Lectora-101-Beginners-Mastering-Volume/dp/1483960331) but I'm not sure if it is up to date on the latest Lectora versions. It'd still be useful though to get the book, download a Lectora trial and go through it at your own pace if you're looking for a self-guided learning path.

    Lectora sells self-paced video-based training (http://trivantis.com/product/lectora-training/) and I'm sure you could get a good deal on buying this together with the licenses. I haven't used that myself (I'm self-taught but I did have a lot of experience with other tools and development in general).

    Finally, there's a User Conference coming up if you're looking to combine great training from the best trainers in Trivantis with a visit to sunny Florida :) I know I'll be there.
  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    Welcome to the Community!

    We have a training series available on the Community called Lectora 101. It includes the core functionality you'd need to get started.  Updates will be coming throughout the year as we update the videos and include new content.


    You can also:
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